What I Figured Out About Movies and Popular Culture in 2018

A lot of “10 Best Films of 2018” articles are popping up in people’s social media feeds right now, and I’m not going to write one of those because every time I look at one of those lists, I think, “WOW. I didn’t see ANY of those movies.” I enjoy movies, books, and TV, but I am definitely not a cinephile. I will never be one of those people who considers movie theaters sacred ground. Theaters are all right, but I like consuming media in the comfort of my own home, too. I will also never be one of those people who feels culturally and morally superior to other people because I watch/read/listen to obscure pieces of media. I’m just someone who loves stories, some obscure and many mainstream, and I’ll watch/read/listen to anything that piques my interest.

With that said, here are a few insights I had about popular culture in 2018:

Here, have some opinions…